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Only the best beans are sourced from South America, Central America, Africa and South East Asia. These are freshly and expertly roasted to a stringent roasting profile that ensures, above all, consistency in flavour, aroma and body and avoids the disappointments and destruction of quality with under or over roasting or even non uniform roasting – down to the last bean. We roast on demand deliver beans that are within the optimum timeframe for producing the perfect cup.


Premio Scuro – The Premium Scuro blend. Full bodied, distinctively coffee weighted experience with chocolate and caramel hints that provides a perfect beverage with milk or as a straight espresso.


Classico Scuro – The Classic Scuro Coffee. An all-round coffee, perfect with milk based drinks. Exhibits most characteristics of the Premio Scuro blend, but at different levels;  smooth and sweet, moderate/high acidity, medium body with a velvet finish. A less pronounced flavour that still leaves you with the satisfaction of a great blend of coffee.


RFA Scuro - Our Rain Forest Alliance blend, supporting sustained coffee bean farming throughout the world. A full bodied, earthy blend with some fruit/wine characteristics, exceptional with milk based beverages and a delight as an espresso.


Decaffeinated Scuro – A premium blend of Swiss Water Method © decaffeinated beans that provides similar traits to our Premio blend, but at a little more subdued level and, of course, without the caffeine!



Scuro Caffe offers, as well as Scuro Coffee,  complete services to the Cafe industry. Scuro can supply the following:


· Coffee


· Tea & Chai


· Hot Chocolate, Powders & Sugar


· Espresso machines

 & Grinders


· Flavoured Syrups


· Promotional Materials

  - Windbreakers

  - Umbrellas

  - Cups


     · Emergency deliveries