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Scuro Caffe is committed to ensuring that personal and sensitive information collected about our customers and employees is gathered with respect to the individual and managed responsibly in accordance with the National Privacy Principals of the Privacy Act 1998.

Disclosure of information

Scuro Caffe will take all reasonable precautions to ensure all information provided is kept confidential and remains within the Scuro Caffe System. Personal and sensitive information will not be disclosed to any other parties without your consent unless required in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998.

Consent to use information

If you provide personal information and do not wish to receive communications from Scuro Caffe, please notify the company representative at the time of providing information or alternatively contact our Support Office at the below address.

Your access to personal information

You have the right to access any information you may have provided to Scuro Caffe and update or correct such information at any time.

Modification of this policy

Scuro Caffe may modify this privacy policy without notice. Any modifications will be noted here to allow you to keep up to date with how we collect and manage personal information.

How to contact Scuro Caffe Pty Ltd

Should you have any queries or concerns relating to our commitment to your privacy, please feel free to contact our support team.

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